Making a reservation
If you wish to have your child at our hospital, please make a reservation at the reception desk after your 16th week of pregnancy. When you make your reservation, we will give you information on hospitalization, delivery, and fees.

Hospitalization deposit
Please choose between plan A and plan B and make your hospitalization deposit by your 34th week of pregnancy.
  Plan A Plan B
Hospitalization Deposit ¥500,000 ¥200,000+direct deposit consent form

Your hospitalization deposit will be applied to your hospitalization and treatment fees when you are discharged from the hospital. If you cancel your reservation with our hospital, you will be refunded your deposit.

We accept the direct deposit of your birth allowance. If you have questions about this, please ask at the accounting desk.

Normal delivery
6 day hospitalization \564,800~ (*2)
5 day hospitalization
(this option only available for mothers who have already experienced childbirth, and have permission from their doctor to shorten their stay)
\534,800~ (*2)

In the case of caesarian section
Hospitalization will be for a total of 10 days (day before surgery, date of surgery, and 8 days for recovery), for an estimated total of ¥514,800 (childbirth fees + 30% of medical fees of the surgery)+additional fee. (*2)
(*1) Hospitalization days are counted from the day of child birth. We do not include any days prior to childbirth.
(*2) If your hospitalization is extended, ¥20,000/day will be added as hospitalization fee. Corresponding fees will be added to the total in case of health care services provided by health insurance.
  • The above estimate includes the ¥16,000 for the ‘Japan Obstetric Compensation System for Cerebral Palsy’

Repeater’s coupon-\20,000
Family/friend coupon-\10,000

Madonna LilyFree

Other charges
Epidural anesthesia\80,000
Extended hospitalization (mother)¥20,000 per day
Extended hospitalization (baby)¥10,000 per day

In the case of abnormal birthing situations or the utilization of other services, the corresponding fees will be added to your total.

Your accounting total will be given to you the day before discharge from the hospital

Our hospital is a medical institution participating in the ‘Japan obstetric compensation system for cerebral palsy’. The birthing allowance is ¥420,000 that includes the ¥30,000 for this insurance.
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