To improve the quality of life for local residents by providing high quality primary health care for women and children in collaboration with secondary health care facilities.

  • 1.To put our efforts in to providing safe medical treatment for our patients.
  • 2.To continue working towards increasing the quality of our care.
  • 3.To protect the rights of our patients.
  • 4.To provide the greatest care for our patients by understanding their background,situation,and mental/emotional state.
  • 5.To be good stewards of resources by efficiently and wisely using the medical resources at our disposal.
  • 6.To put a great emphasis in creating a quality working environment for our staff so that they can feel safe and take pride in their work, which in turn will allow our staff to provide quality care for our patients.

In providing care to patients,the hospital will do the following:
  • 1.Care will be provided equally to all patients,and will not be negatively influenced by a patient's ethnicity, religious beliefs, citizenship, gender, age, nature of illness, or societal position. All patients will receive the best care that we can provide.
  • 2.Other than emergency medical situations, all medical treatments will be administered with patient's informed consent. This means that the diagnosis,the stage of illness, details of treatments,options for treatments, and the risks, benefits, and likelihood of recovery will all be explained to patients in terms that are easy for the patient to understand.
    • If the explanation you receive is hard to understand,please feel free to ask for another explanation.
    • When the doctor is explaining the diagnosis, you may have close family members present with you.
    • If the doctor determines that the patient is unconscious or otherwise unable to make a decision for themselves,they will explain the diagnosis to the patient's family or a designated representative in the case of small children, the doctor will explain the diagnosis to the parents and family of the child.
    • We will inform patients of the name of the iIlness that they have been diagnosed with, including cancer. For those patients who wish not to be informed of having cancer, please inform the doctor prior to your examination.
    • If patient wishes to make a formal request to see their medical case record, they can do so at the Central Reception.
  • 3.To the best our ability, honor the requests made by our patients. Please feel free to make requests regarding treatments, examinations, the way care is given, meals, and anything else related to the medical care that we provide. We will do our best to honor those requests. However, the hospital will not be able to honor requests that are deemed illegal, unsafe, or unsound medical practice. With the exception of emergency situations, if a patient feels that we are unable to meet the requests that they are making, we will do our best to find the patient a medical facility that can meet their special needs.
    • If a patient or their family member would like to discuss ideas, make a complaint, or ask more questions about the patient's care, please inquire at the Conference Room.
  • 4.We will take in to account experimental medical treatments as an option for treatment. Our doctors will include experimental medical treatments in the list of possible treatments that are available to a patient. If a patient is interested in using experimental medical treatment, we will explain the details of the treatment, how it is different from previous medical treatment, and the associated risks and benefits. If you do not wish to try experimental medical treatments in dealing with your illness, feel free to inform the doctor.
  • 5.The hospital will prioritize the protection of personal information. The only times that the hospital will release a patient's personal information is with explicit permission from the patient, when the law explicitly requires the information, or when another medical care provider requires it to give accurate and required treatment. Excepting those situations, the hospital will never release your personal information. For more information on how the hospital handles patient information,please refer to the document 'Hospital Policy on Patient Information' .
    • If you would prefer that the hospital not use your name when calling for patients on the PA, please let the receptionist know when you check in.
  • 6.We request that patients cooperate with us on the following:
    • Please give accurate information regarding your health and physical condition
    • Please help us by working hard to understand the diagnosis and treatment, and to enter in to medical treatment whole-heartedly
    • Please do your best to make the hospital experience a good one for all of the patients in our hospital by being a positive presence and by listening and following instructions given by hospital staff.
  • 7.In regards to actions and behavior that interfere with the safe running of the hospital, we will stop care immediately and report to the police in the following situations:
    • Any form of sexual harassment towards hospital staff or other patients
    • Screaming, yelling, or speaking in a threatening manner that makes other patients feel unsafe or interferes with the safe running of our hospital
    • Repeatedly making requests that are beyond the hospital staff's ability to grant
    • Intentionally damaging hospital facilities and property
    • Bringing dangerous items that have nothing to do with the medical examination or treatment
    • Any and all actions that are illegal or could be seen as being illegal

Hospital Policy on Patient Information
In accordance with the law,the hospital will use private patient information in the following ways:

1.Within the hospital
  •  1.For the providing of medical treatment
  •  2.For filing for health insurance
  •  3.For various accounting and business purposes, including checking in and out of the hospital, calculating your medical bill, reporting of medical accidents, etc.
  •  4.For improving the quality of care at hospital staff
  •  5.For the education of doctors, nurse, and hospital staff
  •  6.Improving understanding of various illness and treatments

2.ln conjunction with a third party
  •  1.Giving diagnosis and treatment information to medical specialists
  •  2.When asked to respond to a third party medical center's request for a reference
  •  3.When seeking assistance and a second opinion from specialists
  •  4.When sending samples to testing facilities
  •  5.In providing our food vendors with information on patient nutritional needs
  •  6.When explaining a patient's diagnosis to close family and/or a representative
  •  7.For medical insurance accounting
  •  8.When asked to respond to an insurance provider's request for a reference
  •  9.In submitting records when needed by law enforcement and government
  • 10.When a physical examination is required by an insurance agency or other medical professions
  • 11.In filing for malpractice insurance and collaborating with related companies and specialists

If any of the categories in 'Section 1:Within the hospital' are not acceptable to you, please make that known to hospital staff. If the hospital is not notified of this preference, we will operate with the assumption that you are ok with how we share your personal information within the hospital. You are free to request that your information is not shared within the hospital at any time.

In the event that a need to share your personal information arises that is not listed in 'section 1:Within the hospital', you will receive a written request from the hospital to allow the hospital to share your information. The hospital will only share your information with your express permission.
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