vice Chairwoman
Noriko Taketani

We, the Lenia Medical Corporation, are proud to announce the opening of the Shinomiya Masaaki Memorial Artemis Women’s Hospital in Higashikurume, Tokyo. Construction of our facilities began in November of 2012, and we are scheduled to begin seeing patients in February of 2014. Our hospital in Kiyose, the Taketani Penelope Memorial Kiyose no Mori Hospital, will continue to operate in Kiyose, but will mainly focus on optometry and diabetic treatment.

We would like to share with you the specifics of our facilities, as well as its history and mission which led to the naming of our hospital.

Our hospital prepares 6 labor/delivery rooms and a total of 60 beds, of which 46 are in private rooms. We take pride in providing individualized care in a comfortable and private atmosphere. Our hospital specializes in obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, breast health, women’s medicine, gastroenterology and general practice. Our mission is to provide high quality medical care for the women and children in our area, and to intentionally and cooperatively work with other medical facilities in our city to provide the best care possible.

The decision to create this hospital was made in 1998, and we spent many years looking for the best place to build our facility. This proved to be extremely challenging. In the midst of our efforts to find a suitable location, we were contacted by the chairman of the Higashikurume city council, Masaaki Shinomiya. He generously provided 3,200 square meters of land for the building of our hospital. Chairman Shinomiya saw that there was a lack of hospitals within Higashikurume where mothers could have their children, and he believed in our vision to make a city ‘that is filled with hope, where we are blessed with an abundance of children, and where women can live joyfully.’ As a show of gratitude to him and his generosity, we have dedicated our hospital as the Shinomiya Masaaki Memorial hospital.

Our naming of the hospital as ‘Artemis’ is inspired by the Greek mythological goddess of the same name. Artemis was the goddess of childbirth, and the protector of women and children. She was also a hunter, and sometimes known as a goddess of war as well. Our medical organization’s director, Dr. Penelope Taketani, is Russian with Greek ancestry, has stated that ‘we, as medical professionals, are on the front lines of battle with illness, the great source of suffering in our world, and as such are great warriors.’ In light of her ideals and vision, we felt that the name ‘Artemis’ was the perfect match for our hospital.

Our medical organization has focused mainly on optometry and obstetrics ever since Dr. Taketani opened her clinic in Kiyose in 1950. We have always worked to better the lives of the residents in the northern Tama area. Our success in being able to continue to provide medical care in this area is due to the support of our patients and neighboring medical facilities, and the cooperation of Juntendo University Hospital. Thank you so much for your support. We cannot express how grateful we are to you.

We humbly ask that you would continue to support us, and encourage us to grow and become more adept at providing better and better care for our patients.

 Lenia Medical Corporation vice Chairwoman Noriko Taketani
Began working at Taketani Hospital (now called Kiyose no Mori) in 1995 as the head nurse of the maternity ward. Appointed director in 1997, and vice Chairwoman in December of 1999.

Studied nursing education at Niigata University’s Education Department and studied midwifery at Niigata University’s junior college, after which she earned her nursing education certification and midwife license. Currently serves as a midwife in both Juntendo University Hospital and Keio University Hospital’s maternity wards.
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